Mukteshwar Himalayan Resort lodged at an altitude of 7500 ft tastefully well-furnished rooms. Complementing comfort, the rooms are so oriented so as to give an incomparable view of Nainital and other panoramic view of mountains and valley. To satiate the customers, it offers rooms, which are moderately priced. To all the nature lovers it is dream-destination because it gives adventure and pleasure the top priority. Hiking, trekking, mountain bicycling, camping, leisure tourism, forest walk and other spine-chilling sports echo the very fun-loving spirit of Mukteshwar. And not to forget the Kumaoni mount watering cuisines which make your vacation the most memorable one.

The abode of unrivalled beauty blended with spiritusalism, Mukteshwar attracts multitudes of nature lovers. Encompassed by coniferous forests and orchards, the scenic snow-clad Himalayas in the Waterfallnorth with a panoramic view of peaks like Nanda Devi (25646 ft), Nanda Devi East (24391 ft), Nanda Kot (22510 ft), Nanda Ghunti (20702 ft), Trishul (23360 ft) and the Panchachuli massif (22650) it captivates every eye.

Resonating as a popular hill station perched atop a hill ridge soaring to a height of 8200 ht, its tranquil backdrop oozes with the elixir of life. The meeting of the Gagar Ranges and the Lohuklet Ranges complements the while landscape incredibly and the Appi-Nampa peaks of Nepal, Chaukhamba Peak of Garhwal are also visible.

At an altitude of 2286 m, Mukteshwar housed the prettiest Himalayan Resort (at a distance of just 53 km from Nainital), the famous Indian Veterinary Research Institute (established in 1893) and a Wildlife Sanctuary (a division of the famous Corbett National Park. Even Jim Corbett, Chauli-ki-Jalithe world-renowned hunter and a nature lover fell prey to its unparalleled aura.

Besides the aforesaid attractions, it also furnishes solace and spiritual alleviation to those who have given up hope. Popularly called the ‘Wish Temple’, the Chauli-ki-Jali temple dedicated to Lord Shiva gives the light of hope to the childless people. It is also the highest point in the locality.


Spirituality begins where religion ends. Meditation is one of the best things a person can do to himself. There are many hidden powers in every human that we generally don't know about. Generally a person does not use his full power for his work and meditation definitely helps a person to explore himself and achieve his potential.

Our spiritual package contains meditation lectures/talks on spirituality and consultancy for individual/companies. We also discuss various known and unknown aspects of spirituality and will also take you to some of the most powerful nodal points around this region of Himalaya which are full of strong vibrations. Many stories are narrated about this place, we would like to point out here that there is much more than heard and told.

We would like you to proceed on journey towards the ultimate. You would get peace of mind, satisfaction, smoothness, stability and it will also improve your decision making power and sharpness, which will help to you overcome all kind of difficulties in your life in worldly matters.

As a human being we have a limited sense of understanding and realising the things as we are filled up to the brim with current occupation. We immediately try to discard the things that deviates from our way of the thoughts which lead us to a dead end.

We in spiritualism work towards our journey to reach the ultimate, but there are no quick solutions about the steps to realize this goal. When the spiritual things start working, you would definitely gain peace of mind, satisfaction, bliss and other unique things. An improved will-power will make you stay confident and efficient and you general sensibility would also improve which would assist you to find quick solutions problems without getting disturbed.Feel the gravity of emptiness (shoonya) to the stage where you can feel that you are nothing but blissful This is where real melting of ego begins. This is the point where the person realising the strange power in himself.